Homeschooling now a popular choice among Valley parents

PHOENIX - As children head back to school some families are not having to go far.

Heather Haupt is one of many parents who have chosen home schooling. 

"It gives you more control," she said. "You are able to have the discussions and see whether they really understand."

Haupt herself was home-schooled as a child, and says today there are many more options and resources available.

She explains because it has grown over the years there are more group and organized activities with other families that helps offer the socialization the kids need.

With so many options available for education, Haupt says she still believes home schooling is part of a growing trend.

Many families choose home schooling because of their desire to instill their faith in their child's daily education.

Families must file an affidavit with the state of their intentions to home school and to teach core subjects, otherwise they do have some flexibility in their education plans and there is testing available to help them gage their child's progress.

More information on homeschooling can be found here .

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