Hearing impaired man ends up in wrong state

PHOENIX - A hearing impaired man on his way to Seattle last week ends up in Phoenix instead. Now his family wants to thank the woman who helped him get home safely.

"My older brother was in the hospital and we received a call that he was not going to make it through the night," Bonnie Hart said.

Bonnie said she knew how important it was to get her other brother, Kenneth Brown, home, to say goodbye.

"Kenneth was flying in and we were to pick him up at the airport at 10:52," Bonnie said.

But she said she got a call three hours sooner from a stranger saying Kenneth was waiting for his ride.

"And I said 'my goodness, he's awfully early' and the lady said 'well the plane was early' and I said 'that early?'" Bonnie said.

So Bonnie rushed to the airport to pick up Kenneth.

"And we proceeded to drive around and around for about two, two and a half hours," Bonnie said.

There was no sign of Kenneth, and then Bonnie got another phone call.

"All of a sudden she says 'you are at Sky Harbor aren't you?' And I said 'no ma'am I am in Seattle,'"

Kenneth is hearing impaired. He said when he hopped on his flight to Seattle he fell asleep, and didn't realize the plane had made a stop in Phoenix along the way.

"He can't hear it when they do announce or if they're telling him to stay on the plane," Bonnie said.

So Kenneth followed everyone else out of the terminal. Luckily, an airport employee stopped to help. She called Bonnie and explained the situation, then called again two hours later when she realized his ride still hadn't shown up.

"She said 'oh my goodness I'll get him to the counter and we'll get him on the next plane out of here,'" Bonnie said.

Bonnie said US Airways employees were great too, they got him on the next flight to Seattle. Now Bonnie and Kenneth just want to say thanks.

"I would like to thank her very, very much. I deeply appreciate it," Bonnie said.

Kenneth said the next time he travels he'll be sure to let airport and airline employees know that he can't hear what's happening.



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