Hard-core hikers hit the trails regardless of hot temperatures

PHOENIX -  Naci Melzer hit the trail, headed for the top of Piestewa Peak.

"I am not doing it so I can say I do it, I am doing it because I like to do it," she said.

She's doing it in the extreme heat. She's part of a group of hard-core hikers who head out regardless of the temperature.

"You definitely need to be in shape to do this, and you have to be used to doing it, and knowing what your body can handle," Naci said.

But, it's not for everyone. Naci has seen hikers who are unprepared, or unable to stand the hot weather.

"There's people that I see all the time that get rescued, they're not prepared, they're not from here, they think it's sunny and nice, until you get up there, and then it's too late," she said.

But for that select few, the heat just adds to the burn.

"It's hot. It's going to take a toll on your body, but as long as you have some water, find your pace, you're good," David Santana said.

Naci says, in the heat a kind of weird bond forms with others on the trail.

"It makes you feel comfortable too, because you know other people are as crazy as you," she said.

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