Hacker group 'Lizard Squad' diverts plane to Sky Harbor

PHOENIX - The hacker group Lizard Squad is well-known in the gaming world, but Sunday they crossed into the very real world when they tweeted out a bomb threat:

“We have been receiving reports that [John Smedley’s] plane from Dallas to San Diego has explosives on board. Please look into this.”

John Smedley is the President of Sony Online Entertainment.

Until now, the Lizard Squad has been infamous for disrupting millions of users and keeping them from accessing gaming servers.

Sunday, they set their sights on Sony’s PlayStation network. It’s believed they also targeted the American Airlines jet simply because it had a Sony executive on board.

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Tech expert Clay Johnston says unfortunately, these hackers are extremely difficult to find.

“When these groups hack a system they’re going through dozens of different networks,” said Johnston. “Kind of like tracing a phone call like you would see on a TV show or a crime drama.”

Johnston says the Lizard Squad is doing this to show Sony and other companies how easy it is to hack into their system. So far, they are no threat to the consumer.

“Their message on Twitter was, ‘Spend your millions on your users instead of pocketing your cash’” he said. “I’m paraphrasing a little bit but essentially they’re trying to make an example of Sony.

So why can’t law enforcement catch these guys?

“When these groups hack  a system, they’re going through dozens of different networks, kind of like tracing a phone call like you would see on a TV show or a crime drama.”

The FBI is investigating the case.

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