Group walks 99 miles to Phoenix in support of same-sex marriage

PHOENIX - A small group walked 99 miles this weekend to Phoenix, trying to make strides for same-sex marriage.

"It's been hard but worth it," said marcher Meg Sneed who sprained her ankle along the way and made the rest of the trip in a wheelchair.

Seventeen people made their way from Parker, Ariz. through 18 cities in nine counties spreading their message that it's time to change the Arizona law that does not recognize gay marriage.

Once the group got to downtown Phoenix around noon, they were met by a few hundred more all marching to the same beat.

Their final destination was the Arizona State Capitol where they celebrated their accomplishment.

"We are telling our stories and once people hear them they can never unheard them," Sneed said.

This is the fourth year for the march.

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