Gov. Jan Brewer changes experience requirement for interns to be hired at AZ funeral homes

Arizona's 51 crematories and 163 funeral homes will be able to hire intern trainees with just 16 hours of training now that Gov. Jan Brewer has signed off on the proposal.
Brewer vetoed House Bill 2271 last month and said the 8 hours of training it required wasn't enough. She worried about the consequences if funeral homes employed intern trainees with inadequate training and minimal classroom work.
Republican Rep. Tom Forese of Chandler revived the bill by adding it to Senate Bill 1342 and doubling the training. Brewer signed it Thursday.
The trainee can help prepare human remains, help with embalming bodies and perform any task a licensed intern is currently allowed to do.
Forese says people need to work in the industry before attending a mortuary science college.
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