Gary Sherrill update: Interrogation tapes released in case of man accused of killing son with ax

PHOENIX - Police say Gary Sherrill murdered his 13-year-old son with an ax on Dec. 31, 2013. On Friday, the tapes of Sherrill's interrogation were released to ABC15.

Sherrill spent about an hour alone in a Phoenix Police Department interrogation room.

"I know I’m not crazy, I know what I've seen," Sherrill said to himself.

He sat in the corner, talking to himself about what he claimed happened the night police said he murdered his son with an ax.

"He looked like my son but was bigger all of a sudden and, I know it wasn't my son," Sherrill said.

When the officer questioning Sherrill entered the room, Sherrill broke down.

"No, no, no, come on dude, this is too weird. Where is my son? No, don't say anything," Sherrill said.

He went back and forth between explaining to the officer that he thought demons had possessed his son and moments of lucidity, where it appeared Sherrill understood what happened.

"Oh my God, please, don't let me be crazy, please. I know what I'm saying is true but you're looking at me like I killed my son and that can't be my son, brother. It wasn't my son. No, please," Sherrill said.

Court documents show Sherrill was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy and takes morphine for the condition.

The boy's mom was the one who called 911, saying she believed her son was in danger

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