Frozen pipes burst across the Valley

PHOENIX - Plumbing companies were working overtime Sunday with dozens of emergency calls from freezing pipes bursting.

It happened at the Brietzman home in North Phoenix.

"I woke up and saw all this water running in my yard," said John Brietzman.

Brietzman's thermostat read just above 20 degrees early Sunday morning and by the time he woke up, there was water all around his backyard from an outdoor pipe that burst.

Diamondback Plumbing came to the rescue. Bryan Glenn found a small split in the pipe that he said could still leak out five to ten gallons of water every minute. "The pipes expand when they freeze and when they thaw they can break and send water everywhere," said Glenn.

Diamondback Plumbing said they went out on 75 calls Sunday, most of them due to freezing pipes.

Crews said they haven't seen that many frozen pipes in four or five years.

Diamondback Plumbing advises on cold nights, you leave one faucet on a trickle to keep the water flowing so it won't freeze in your pipes.

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