If you have frost damaged plants, do nothing experts say

PHOENIX - The Valley's cold snap has damaged a lot of desert plants.

But experts tell ABC15 the best plan is to do nothing. At least not until this spring.

"Wait until mid March before you do any pruning," says Amelia Morrison from Gardener's World in South Phoenix.

She says whether it's Bouganvilla, Lantana, Bird of Paradise or even citrus trees the idea is about the same.

"Be patient. Wait until it is warm and then prune the plant below the damage mark and it'll bounce back."

Morrison says if you are not sure if a plant survived, try doing the scratch test.

Use a knife or fingernail and scratch off the bark. If the underneath looks green the plant is good, if it is brown you could have a dead plant on your hands.

Gardener's World will have pruning classes in early March.

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