Former Senate President, SB1070 co-author Russell Pearce launches new radio show

PHOENIX - The man behind Arizona's controversial immigration law has taken his voice from the Arizona State Senate floor to the airwaves.

Former State Senate President Russell Pearce launched his new radio show Tuesday night on KFNX News talk Radio 1100 AM.

"Welcome to the Russell Pearce Show," he said at 7 p.m. from a central Phoenix office building. 

The show is sponsored by and Pearce is the president of the group.

"We have a national battle going on, a battle about what's right in America and what's wrong," said Pearce in an interview with ABC15 moments before going on air.

About three months ago Pearce was voted out of office in a recall election.

It was the first time a state legislator in Arizona had been successfully recalled, but Pearce says he's not slowing down.

The Mesa resident said he plans to run again for office in the near future but wouldn't elaborate on what seat he is seeking.

"The candlelight of liberty has always been kept burning by a vigilante few, this is about the defense of SB1070 all the way to the Supreme Court," said Pearce when asked what his goal is out of the radio show.

Recently Pearce was elected vice president of the Arizona Republican Party.

During the course of his radio show, many of the calls and emails to Pearce from listeners involved immigration and politics.


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