Former Danny's Family Car Wash employees say undocumented workers stole their identities

Days after the feds raided Danny's Family Car Washes around the Valley, former workers are coming forward claiming undocumented workers stole their identities.

One woman says Danny's hiring practices almost ruined her ability to provide for her children.

She would only talk to us over the phone because she was afraid of retaliation

"It was hard for me to understand why the managers would do that because these managers are American, why would they do that to someone trying to survive?" she said.

And survival was the only thing this former worker and single mother could think about earlier this year.

"I went down to the Department of Economic Security to renew my benefits and they told me I was still an employee which I wasn't."

They denied her benefits, even though she stopped working at Danny's more than a year ago.

She couldn't believe it, so she decide to check for herself

"HR Betty told me I was currently on the payroll receiving checks."

It took her weeks to get the life she claims was stolen by someone at Danny's back together.

"I was overwhelmed being a single mom with two children, one needing medicine and both needing to be fed. It was a burden."

She says during her time there she had a hunch something was odd about the company's hiring practices.

"The undocumented Hispanic workers would rotate shops and each time they would have a different name tag."

What she didn't realize was they didn't just carry a name, but an identity that she would later find out was hers.

Formers workers tell ABC15 they are concerned about their personal information and will be checking to see their identity was used.

ABC15 called Danny's corporate office and they said they are unaware of this employee's claims.

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