Former Danny's Family Car Wash employees say managers 'doing what they were told'

Federal agents served search and arrest warrants Saturday at 16 locations associated with Danny's Family Car Wash and the company's staffing service provider, HR Betty.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the investigation targets the leaders of the two businesses and that multiple people face charges of criminal immigration fraud, identity theft and financial violations.

Fifteen people were arrested on criminal charges.

Employees at the car wash are angry that their co-workers are taking the fall for the federal investigation.

ABC15 interviewed more than 30 undocumented Danny's employees. They gathered Tuesday afternoon to gain some understanding as to why their co-workers are still behind bars.

Sergio Herrera and El Defonso Gonzoles have both worked for the company for years.

They were part of the 942 employees fired after an ICE audit, then asked to come back.

They claim managers told them, "We aren't going to have you working with your real name now, but if you come back tomorrow with a different name and Social Security number you can keep working here. You need to get a Social Security number and an ID because I need you to come back to the company."

While they admit to being recruited and having someone else's identity, they deny any of the managers made the new identities for them.

They also say the managers, like everyone else, were just doing what they were told.

In fact, they say the owner, Danny Hendon knew his employees were undocumented.

"Danny himself knows about the fake IDs. The different Social Security numbers and different names we used to work at his company for eight years myself and 10 years for others," said Herrera.

The workers claim managers told them if they were detained by ICE they couldn't come back to work until they received proper identification.

ABC15 called Danny's corporate office and they maintain they've done nothing illegal and are cooperating with federal agents.

We asked them if we could speak to the owner, Danny, himself.

His attorneys told ABC15 Daniel Hendon would release a statement when he was ready.

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