Flowers placed at memorial for Flight 255 plane crash victims in Phoenix to mark 25th anniversary

PHOENIX - Twenty five years after one of the worst plane crashes in U.S. history, flowers lay by a memorial in Phoenix to remember the victims Thursday. 

Northwest Flight 255 killed nearly everyone onboard.  More than 100 victims were from Arizona. 

You might remember the tragic event.  It happened August 16, 1987. 

A plane took off from Detroit and was headed to Phoenix.  The aircraft's wing reportedly hit a light pole and caused the commercial plane to plummet to the ground. Two people on the ground and 154 passengers were killed. 

There was only one survivor on the plane. Cecelia Cichan, now legally Cecelia Crocker, was 4 years old at the time. She lost her parents and brother on the plane. 

In a new documentary called "Sole Survivor", Crocker remembers her mother hugging and shielding her as the plane crashed.  She said she thinks about it everyday.

The city of Phoenix built a memorial for the victims a few years after the crash.  The names of all of the victims are etched into a permanent block in front of City Hall.

On the 25th anniversary, the city put out a table draped with a white linen cloth. 

Three bouquets sat on top with a sign that asked visitors to observe a moment of silence.

Beside the memorial, two bouquets lay on the ground. One had a photograph of a family of four and a message that the Geigers are missed and loved. 

There were children, babies, and entire families killed.

Toni Maccarone has worked for the city of Phoenix for 20 years. She placed flowers at the memorial Thursday morning on behalf of the city. 

She didn't know the victims, but her eyes filled with tears when she saw the note left for the Geiger family. 

"Tugs at your heart," she said. 

The memorial is open to the public.

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