Hurricane Sandy: Flights at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport canceled due to Hurricane Sandy

PHOENIX - Thousands of flights to and from the Northeast region are canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was also affected Monday.

A Sky Harbor spokesperson said there were flight cancellations to and from Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York and Newark Monday morning. Passengers were notified by their individual airlines but the airport is asking all flyers to check flight status before arriving at the airport.

It was estimated that more than 7,000 flights were canceled early Monday morning but that number grew to roughly 12,000 by noon, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

It's not clear how many flights were affected at Sky Harbor but there were several passengers stranded.

"(Our flight was) canceled last night," Maggie Loh said. "(We're) trying to find a new flight."

Loh and her husband had just returned from their honeymoon in Hawaii to find their connecting flight to Boston grounded.

Rebecca Barney and her husband were camping out near Terminal 4. Barney said they're trying to get to Baltimore. They couldn't afford another night in a hotel and decided to rough it in the airport. The couple had been at the airport since Sunday and the next flight available wasn't expected until Tuesday.

"So far, (the storm is) as bad as they predicted," Barney said. "Coffee, sleep here and there. Hopefully, 24 hours won't feel like 24 hours," she said.

Airlines were working to notify passengers in advance. Major airlines also announced that fees would be waived for fliers who reschedule. 

Christopher Loh said the customer service has been good. The newlyweds' luck this week is another story.

"On Saturday, (there was a) major tsunami warning in Hawaii," he said.

"We're hoping to put the natural disasters behind us," Maggie Loh said.

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