First arrest made since new immigration law provision 'show me your papers' in effect

PHOENIX - The first person arrested since the so-called "show us your papers" provision of Arizona's anti-immigration law went into effect said it was all very confusing and scary for him and his friends.

The group said all they did was make a wrong turn in their car, and the next thing they knew, they're all in handcuffs and being taken away by Phoenix police.

"He was angry. He was mad," said Felipe Garcia of the arresting officer. "He never told me why he arrested me. He said, 'Just put your hands back', and put me in handcuffs."

It happened along the intersection at 24th Street and McDowell Road.

Garcia said he and his friends in the car are all undocumented. According to Garcia, they made an illegal turn, and were then stopped by the Phoenix officer.

The officer asked them for driver licenses, but they only had Mexican passports.

The police department said the officer had reasonable suspicion to believe the three were in the country illegally, so he brought all of them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The department said their officer carried out his job perfectly, but the group feels they were discriminated against by the officer.

ICE released Garcia, however his friend Esteban Jimenez, and also the driver of their car, Arturo Garcia, are still in ICE custody.

Phoenix police said they do plan to talk with the officer who made the first SB 1070 busts.

He is not in any trouble, the department reportedly just wants to review the incident.

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