Firefighters go door-to-door to hand out free smoke alarms to Phoenix residents

PHOENIX - Firefighters in Phoenix are sounding the alarm for Valley residents to check their smoke detectors.

Dozens of fire personnel and volunteers went door to door Saturday handing out and installing free smoke detectors.    

Lots of families were helped thanks to tens of thousands of dollars of donations from local businesses, including Schaller-Anderson Aetna, the Arizona Foundation for Burns and Trauma, Lowe's, Stardust Building Supplies, and the Valley of the Sun United Way.

Smoke alarms are something we're all supposed to have, but firefighters say many people never think about them until their lives depend on them.

"There are many families with smoke alarms in their homes and they assume they work," Phoenix City Councilman and firefighter Daniel Valenzuela said. "It can be very dangerous when you have a false sense of security."

Firefighters say most people killed in fires die in their sleep by breathing in too much smoke. That is why it is so important to have working smoke alarms.

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