FD: Fuel leak sparks 'small fire' on US Airways plane

PHOENIX - Authorities say crew and passengers were safely evacuated when a plane caught fire at Sky Harbor Airport Monday night.

A passenger on the US Airways flight told ABC15 she smelled something like gasoline as passengers boarded the plane bound for Vancouver, B.C.

Katherine Zhukovsky said passengers were filling out customs forms and waiting to push back when the lights flickered and turned off.

At that point, the flight crew told passengers to deplane quickly. Some passengers began taking photos from the terminal but stopped when they saw smoke coming out the right side of the plane and were afraid of what might happen, Zhukovsky said.

Zhukovsky said they were waiting to be put on an aircraft at another gate.

Air15 video showed fire crews pouring foam on the rear of the aircraft.

Phoenix fire Capt. Jonathan Jacobs said a fuel leak caused the "small fire" aboard the Airbus 320.

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