Fast-food workers stike in Phoenix, ask for higher wages

PHOENIX - Protests are underway in the Valley and around the country with fast food workers demanding higher wages and the rights to unionize.
A couple dozen protesters gathered at the McDonalds at 24th Street and Osborn early Thursday morning as workers called for $15 an hour.

On Thursday afternoon, several protestors were arrested in the area for refusing to stop blocking traffic.

Thomas Mitchell, who works at a Phoenix Burger King explained that it is impossible to make ends meet on the $7.90 per hour rate that he is getting.
"We're barely getting by paying electricity," he said.  "We can't take the kids any place. I try to get my kids what they need but it is hard and I end up having to borrow money."
Protesters in 150 cities around the country are holding similar protests.  In Detroit some protesters were arrested on Thursday.
Critics of the protesters said they are often targeting locally owned franchises of the restaurants that don't have the same money as the large corporation so it is putting local business owners in a bad position.    Critics also believe raising the minimum wage would end up in a loss of jobs since companies simply wouldn't be able to hire as many people at that rate.
The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, in Arizona minimum wage is $7.90 per hour.


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