Family rivalry heats up for big game between ASU and Stanford

PHOENIX - The Pac-12 Championship game and the Sun Devils' run for the roses is the talk of the Valley right now.

But in some homes, that talk sounds a little more like bickering.

One father and son are torn by tomorrow night's game.

Bob and Matt Boatman are both attorneys and both can make a good argument.

But when it comes to the Pac-12 Championship game, they could use a little mediation.

Especially since one's alma mater is Stanford and the other's is ASU.

Robert Boatman played baseball for Stanford, his son Matt played football for Arizona State University.

And while Matt went to school, dad had one rule.

"He said ‘I'm not going to make you root for any pro teams, but you have to root for Stanford,'" Matt said.

But now the two teams will be going helmet to helmet in a war for the Rose Bowl and all bets are off.

"We are a divided family now," Matt said.

With their rivalry filling the halls of Gallagher and Kennedy law firm, it may be a good thing the two won't be in the same room for kick off.

"It's our firm's Christmas party and so I'm struggling whether to go or not," Bob said.

Matt's skipping the company party. He says it can get pretty tense.

If the Cardinal wins, Matt has to don Stanford's colors, but if the Devils heat up the stadium and fork Stanford, Bob dresses up as Sparky for the day.

"I think he'll get a little mustache, wear spandex and maybe he'll have to do pushups," Matt said, laughing.

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