Family of vet heard from VA scheduler now coming forward with evidence

PHOENIX - A scheduling clerk at the Phoenix VA is speaking out claiming evidence of a cover-up.

Pauline DeWenter admits to hiding secret waiting lists under her bosses orders.

The VA clerk also says she recently discovered evidence that someone went back and changed veterans records to cover up the fact they died while waiting for an appointment.

But DeWenter says everything changed when she starting calling veterans to schedule an appointment and discovered some of them had died.

Sally Barnes Breen says she got one of those calls after her father-in-law passed away.

Barnes Breen says Thomas Breen died while waiting to get care at the Phoenix VA.

"He lost his life due to the VA. He could've been sitting here in this house right now. He could've still been with his son, his grandchildren," she said.

Thomas died of bladder cancer last November. Sally says the call from the VA to schedule him a doctor's appointment came too late.

"I kept screaming, 'you can't do this to people, you can't do this to these veterans,'" she said.

That call came from Pauline DeWenter, the latest whistleblower at the VA. As a scheduler, DeWenter admits to hiding secret wait lists under bosses orders.

She believes her decisions of when to schedule people ultimately meant life or death for some veterans.

"It's disturbing, it's more than disturbing. But to me, Pauline is an angel," Barnes Breen said.

But Sally doesn't hold any grudges against DeWenter.

"She was the key to the whole thing with her proof. My question always lie-- did they shred the list, Oh my God," she said.

She says after the initial call, DeWenter did everything she could to help their family.

Still, Sally wants someone to pay for Thomas's death.

"I can tell you this. They have to be accountable, they have to. There's no way out of this," she said.

DeWenter says she turned over evidence of the secret wait list to the Inspector General.

Sally says they've hired an attorney and they're considering pursuing legal action.

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