Family of ten loses home and pets in devastating fire in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A family in Phoenix is mourning the loss of their pets, while looking for a place to live after a fire nearly killed them.

The Fredzenteno family of 10 was able to escape with their lives, but their dog and several young puppies all died.

A neighbor across the street captured video which shows flames around 30 feet high shooting out of the home near 6th st. and Dunlap just after 10 p.m. Friday night.

The family tells ABC15 the fire sparked when some of their electric wires shorted out.

Firefighters attacked the flames with their hoses, doing their best to save the home. They knocked down parts of the ceiling inside to extinguish the fire completely. Much of what was inside is a total loss, but the family told ABC15 they're just happy to all be alive, even if their pets aren't.

"I'm thankful to God that they're all safe and stuff," Yos Fredzenteno said. "I had my dog since she was a baby. She was dying on me when I first got her, and she died now. We just had puppies too; seven of them."

Fredzenteno said he smelled smoke, went outside and saw that his family's garage was on fire. He woke up the rest of his family and got them out of the home before the fire and smoke could get to them.

The Fredzenteno family says they will likely stay in a hotel for a short time, but they don't know where they will be long term. The place they lived for the past five years is now unlivable.

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