FACT CHECK: Wil Cardon's attack on Flake

PHOENIX, AZ - The latest ad from Wil Cardon attacking his opponent Jeff Flake hit Valley airwaves this week.

The spot alleges Flake broke his self-imposed three term term limit.

The commercial even features a clip of of the Congressman explaining why.
According to the footage attributed to Reason.tv , Flake responds with "I lied" when asked about the term limit pledge.

Needless to say, that part of the ad's claim is fact.

While a spokesperson says Flake was just joking about lying, he does concede Flake pledged to only serve three terms in Congress.

Flake now considers that pledge a mistake.

Flake is currently on his sixth term in the House of Representatives.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, Flake will have served 18 years in Washington.

The ad goes on to state that "Flake's not honest on conservative issues, criticizing and opposing SB 1070."

ABC15 determined that claim is also a fact.

A Flake spokesperson tells ABC15 that Flake only criticized SB 1070 when it was first written.

But a press release on Congressman Flake's own website dated March 28, 2010 reads "If Congress again fails to act, you're going to see more states move ahead with imprudent immigration bills, similar to Arizona's new law."

Flake's spokesperson says Flake supported the re-written version of the bill and in a press release on April 25th of this year , Flake urged the Supreme Court to uphold SB 1070.

The ad concludes by accusing Flake of supporting amnesty and lower in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Depending on your definition of amnesty, this claim is again fact.

In 2007, Flake authored HR1645 which would have assisted illegal immigrants in obtaining citizenship based on certain criteria such as learning English as a second language.

A spokesperson tells ABC15 Flake defines amnesty pardoning a crime and that a path to citizenship is not amnesty.

HR1645 would have also allowed illegal immigrants to obtain student loans.

A Flake spokesperson says Flake does not support in-state tuition as the ad claims and has voted against the Dream Act during his time in Congress.

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