Fact check: Jeff Flake's attack ad on Wil Cardon

PHOENIX - New campaign ads hit the airwaves this week, the most pointed of which come from the two Republican candidates for the United States Senate.

ABC15 is committed this election season to cut through the clutter and help Arizona residents to become more informed voters.

Below, we'll examine the latest ad from Jeff Flake attacking his opponent, Wil Cardon .

Flake's newest ad debuted in Phoenix Tuesday morning.

In it, Flake accuses Cardon of hiring illegal aliens in the sandwich shops he owns.

ABC15 determined this claim is mostly fact.

While federal agents did write in their report that 61 percent of the businesses' current employees are considered undocumented alien workers, the company was not actually fined for knowingly employing illegal workers.

The ad does not mention a fine. 

A spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells ABC15 ICE assessed the business a $2,662 civil fine for failing to fill out the proper paperwork.

A Cardon spokesperson points out, "The people who filled it out could very well have been in the country legally and simply made a mistake."

But if they did make a mistake, an ICE spokesperson says none of the employees contested the findings by providing new paperwork and, as a result, were subsequently fired.

One employee was even arrested on an immigration violation.

A Flake spokesperson stood behind the ad

A Cardon spokesperson called it a desperate and false attack.

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