Facebook is being used by everyone including seniors

Facebook might be the best way of getting people together since the invention of the telephone.

One billion people use Facebook according to the social media site, and the average age of users is going up every year.

When Valley resident Dottie Bostick first got on Facebook, even her own daughters thought she was crazy.

"They said Mom it's for young people."

But Dottie wasn't deterred. 

She forced ahead finding friends, making a few new ones and sharing likes and dislikes.

But then one day last year a familiar face popped up on her computer screen.

"We started chatting online and when I went out to meet him we had lunch with friends and the rest is history," said Dottie.

Dottie is talking about Jim Morello.

The two went to high school together in Philadelphia.

He was class of '58. She was class of '59.

And decades later, Dottie was divorced and Jim was a widower. And finally the two fell in love on line.

"It's great," said Jim talking to us on Dottie's computer by Skype. "I can't tell you how happy I am."

After months of dating online, Dottie decided to pack up her things and move back to Philly so the two could be together.

"I'm not happy about the weather," admits Dottie. "But love conquers all."

Dottie plans on moving in the next few weeks to start her new life.

Thanks in big part to Facebook. The social media site that isn't just for kids anymore.

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