Expenses revealed in MCSO's trip to Hawaii to investigate President Obama's birth certificate

PHOENIX - A Maricopa County deputy on assignment spent nine days in Hawaii at a cost of $9,628.21 to the taxpayer, according to documents released to ABC15.

The Maricopa County Office of Management and Budget documents show Deputy Brian Mackiewicz was sent on the trip to Oahu that was "not pre-authorized by the County Manager, as is required by Maricopa County's Travel Policy for all travel outside of the continental United States."

The document goes on to state, "a review of other jurisdictions' travel policies reveals that this level of authorization is unusual, however, most jurisdictions only require department director or appointing authority approval."

The paperwork details Mackiewicz's payroll and employer-paid benefits during the nine day trip totaling $6,417.85. It's noted the deputy's salary, retirement, FICA/Medicare and health benefits are included and would have been incurred regardless of the trip.

However, the total cost for airfare, lodging and meals according to the documents was $3,210.36.

A group of Sheriff Joe Arpaio supporters attempted to pay for the trip, but Maricopa County Commissioners denied the request, which ultimately leaves tax-payers footing the bill.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office announced it will hold a news conference Tuesday regarding the investigation into President Obama's birth certificate investigation and release new findings.

ABC15.com will carry the news conference live which begins at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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