Ex-banker Michael Marin had history of bizarre behavior prior to death

PHOENIX - An ex-banker known for his brash behavior was the focus of several news stories prior to his death Thursday after being found guilty of arson.

The courtroom video shows Michael Marin seemingly put something in his mouth as the guilty verdict in his arson trial was read Thursday. Moments later, Marin was dead.

ABC15 first started doing stories on Marin in February of 2009, when he attempted to raffle his multi-million dollar home to benefit charity.

That plan fell through.

A few months later, he climbed Mount Everest.

Then in July of 2009, the home that he tried to raffle burned. Marin escaped down a rope ladder wearing scuba gear.

Investigators said there were several ignition points around the home, and an accelerate was used. A balloon payment on the home was also coming due.

Marin denied any involvement.

On Thursday, the twisted tale ended in a shocking way after Marin collapsed in the courtroom and later died.

There are two points in the video where he appeared to put something in his mouth prior to collapsing.

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