End of the world predictions based on Mayan calendar were wrong

PHOENIX - The "end of the world" predictions came and went. The world is still here.

Experts, including scientists at NASA, said it wouldn't happen. 

The claims about the world ending on Friday were unfounded. Despite that, many people took doomsday predictions seriously.

We've seen people building bunkers and stocking up on supplies. In Michigan, some schools were canceled class because officials said there was too much doomsday-related distraction and even rumors of a threat.

The hype was built around the Mayan calendar ending on December 21. Experts say the Mayans never predicted that the world would end on this day. It was just the end of an important cycle.

Here in Phoenix, several people said they didn't buy into it but did share what they would do if the world were to end on December 21.

One woman said she would eat anything she wanted because she wouldn't have to diet anymore. 

Another couple said they were on their way to visit the Mayan ruins even though they didn't believe all the hype.

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