Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing baby Gabriel, wants judge presiding over her case to step down

PHOENIX - The whereabouts of Gabriel Johnson remain unknown and his mom, Elizabeth Johnson, refuses to say what exactly happened to the little boy, but she apparently has no problem talking to the judge presiding over her case.

"There is something wrong in your judgment. I firmly believe you've been compromised," wrote Johnson in a letter to Superior Court Judge Joseph Kreamer.

The two-page letter, obtained by ABC15, is handwritten and dated July 12, 2012.

"I haven't even had my trial (my right to a speedy trial), I'm not taking responsibility, that will come, my side hasn't even come out at all yet," Johnson wrote.

Johnson's son, Gabriel, was last seen Dec. 26, 2009. The last known images of the boy were apparently taken by Elizabeth while in a San Antonio motel room.

Since the disappearance, Johnson has said she killed the boy and also told people she gave him away to a couple in a Texas park.

Recently, Johnson's former friend, Tammi Smith served a 30-day sentence for her role in the days and weeks leading up to the boy's disappearance.

Smith was found guilty of forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference.

"I'm sorry but I cannot accept how lightly you sentenced Tammi Smith, I was shocked when I found out (as were many), I can't understand for the life of me, 30 days in jail? 3 years of probation? How could you? Are you mad? Blind? Deaf? Dense?" Johnson wrote at the beginning of the letter to Judge Kreamer.

While Johnson has gone through several different attorneys during the process, it seems she realizes the letter may not go over well with her lawyers.

"I probably should have talked to my lawyers about this, but I'm pretty sure what he'd say," wrote Johnson on the second page of the letter.

While sitting in jail, refusing to say what exactly happened to Gabriel, Johnson makes her own demand for Judge Kreamer.

"I got to ask you (on the record) to step down and withdraw as my presiding judge over my case and trial in hopes if you don't and I lose at trial I can use this as a reason for some sort of appeal," Johnson wrote.

She ends the two page letter simply writing, "Sincerely, Elizabeth Johnson."

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