Election 2012: Who's responsible for thousands of uncounted Arizona ballots?

PHOENIX - With thousands of Arizona ballots still to be counted, angers are flaring over who's responsible.

Protesters outside the Maricopa County Offices said they think something at the precincts went wrong on election day.

Some say they were improperly given provisional  ballots and were even given wrong information about where they should vote.
Meanwhile, a poll worker is pointing the finger at the protesters themselves.
"The same people who are protesting are the same people who created the problem," said Lynelle Nowlin who worked the polls at J.D. Sutton Elementary School near 35th Avenue and Roosevelt.
Nowlin said when he asked voters who should have gotten early ballots what happened to them, he was told that they forgot it, or it got ruined. In that case, they had no choice but to get a provisional ballot.
"That is strictly voter irresponsibility," said Nowlin. "There is too much voter apathy when they are filling out the ballots."
Protesters gathering in downtown Phoenix outside the County offices told ABC15 they are hearing more stories from voters that indicate some irregularities.

They claim some voters who should have received early ballots didn't, and that some voters were given misinformation.
There are still more than 342,000 ballots that need to be counted.

Election officials have ten days after the election to complete the counting.

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