Driver hit by stray bullet on way to west Phoenix McDonald's

PHOENIX - Police say an 18-year-old man is in extremely critical condition after he was hit by a stray bullet early Saturday.

Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes said shots were being fired for unknown reasons in the area of 75th Avenue and Thomas Road when a vehicle with two females and a male driver passed through on their way to McDonald's because their order was wrong.

As they drove to the restaurant, a stray bullet went through the vehicle's window and struck the 18-year-old driver twice, Holmes said.

Holmes said the female passenger grabbed the steering wheel and managed to put on the brakes.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital in extremely critical condition.

While officers were on the scene, they heard more gunshots and responded to that scene.

Holmes said two people were detained from the second shooting incident. Their names have not yet been released.

Holmes said there was no incident leading up to the shooting that injured the teen, that the victims were "just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

He said the shooting victim is the son of a Phoenix Parks and Recreation employee.

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