Author of Arizona SB 1070 law calls ruling a 'huge victory'

PHOENIX - The Kansas attorney who helped draft the Arizona immigration law and has advised officials in other states wanting to crack down on illegal immigration calls the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling a "huge victory" for Arizona.

Kris Kobach said Monday the decision will give Arizona and other states the authority to check the immigration status of someone they suspect is in the country illegally.

Kobach, however, says the ruling is "not a complete victory" since the court threw out several key provisions, including one requiring all immigrants to carry registration papers.

"We could see something like the arrest provision in Kansas and even in Missouri where there is interest in tightening the laws against illegal immigration," he said. "So the victory in Arizona could have a big impact."

Kobach, a Republican, is a former University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor who now serves as Kansas secretary of state.

He has made a career of cracking down on illegal immigration, having been part of developing the state's Employer Sanctions Law and for other efforts elsewhere preventing illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer paid tuition.

Critics of the Arizona law say it would allow law enforcement to racially profile people.

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