Dozens attend marijuana farmers market in Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ - From actual plants, to lollipops and even cupcakes, a marijuana-themed farmers market offered a little of everything for cardholders Sunday afternoon in the west Valley.

"Gatherings like this are so important for people who don't know where to get their medicine," said Tucson resident Stu Green. "It allows them to say, 'oh wow, I can do that?' I must have heard that 100 times today."

, the so-called Walmart of weed, hosted the farmers market for those left in limbo by the Arizona's medical marijuana dispensary program.

Earlier this month, the state awarded nearly 100 dispensary licenses but the threats of lawsuits have kept those dispensaries from opening their doors.

"I hope (dispensaries) do open and I wish the best for them because I know people who do not cultivate will benefit from these dispensaries," said Scott, who asked ABC15 only use his last name.

Despite the fact that voters approved medical marijuana in November 2010, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery have both said they believe federal law trumps state law and may prosecute dispensary owners.

"It's what the people voted for," said Sunny Singh, owner of WeGrow. "I think the whole federal/state issue is just an excuse to keep the program stalled."

It means farmers markets like the one at WeGrow will remain one of the only ways for cardholders to get medical marijuana unless they grow their own.

"We need to free this plant," said Green. "We don't believe there should be any regulation on it at all."

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