Dog who saved Valley owner now needs help

PHOENIX - A Valley woman is trying to keep her dog alive after she said her pet helped save her life earlier this year.

Danny, a 12-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, has been a service dog for most of his life.

He's helped people get around, can alert someone when they have low blood sugar, and his owner, Bethe Bennett, said he saved her life in January when she took a hard fall inside her Glendale home.

"I knew I was seriously hurt because I was passing out every time I tried to move I would pass out. When I would come back around I was vomiting," said Bennett.

But amazingly, Bennett said Danny rescued her after he went and found her home phone and then brought it to her so she could call 911.

"I would have laid there and probably died. I knew I was in shock. I'm in the medical field so I knew I was seriously hurt," said Bennett.

But now it's Danny who needs help after recent health problems.

He has a hard time keeping his balance and constantly tilts his head.

At an exam done Tuesday, doctors worried it could be caused by the return of cancer.

But after her fall, Bennett has been out of work and trying to pay off her own medical bills and cannot afford the few thousand dollars it will cost to help her dog who she feels she owes her life to.

I think he's earned it. He's given 10 years of his life to make others happy and I think, it's very hard, he deserves it. He deserves the help," said Bennett.

Desperate to help Danny, Bennett set up an account for anyone who wants to help .

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