Dog rescued from cactus finds new home

PHOENIX - A Valley puppy is getting worldwide attention after getting stuck on a cactus in Phoenix and on Thursday he found a new home.

More than 70 people showed up to the Arizona Humane Society to adopt the puppy after hearing about his story.

Someone rescued the 8-week-old puppy after hearing him crying when he couldn't get out of a Cholla cactus.

The AHS nursed him back to health and gave him the nickname "Cactus Jack."

On Thursday, so many people showed up to adopt the puppy the AHS had to hold a lottery drawing to pick his new owner.

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When Sara Messerschmidt heard her name called she said she couldn't help but scream with excitement.

"I'm shaking. I'm so excited. I wanted this so bad," Messerschmidt told ABC15.

Like so many, Messerschmidt said she heard about Cactus Jack and fell in love with his story.

"This story was just heart wrenching, heartbreaking but the thing that just drew my heart to it was the fact that he was that he just kept wagging his tail through all the hard times and heartache and pain," said Messerschmidt.

While Messerschmidt is the puppy's new owner, the AHS said eight other people who wanted to adopt him ended up adopting other pets.

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