Documents: Valley fugitive Angel Padilla threatened to 'shoot it out with police' if approached

PHOENIX - New details were released Monday after the arrest of a man accused of kidnapping a woman and firing shots at a police officer last month.

Angel Padilla, 35, was arrested at a home near 91st Avenue and McDowell Road just before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

According to court documents, on October 13 Padilla pushed his way into his estranged wife's home after allegedly sending her threatening text messages stating "that it was time for her to die."

The woman's three children were in the house when Padilla allegedly punched and threw the victim into the walls and to the ground.

The woman reportedly lost consciousness at some point while Padilla dragged her out to his white 2-door SUV.

An officer patrolling the area saw the SUV fail to stop at a stop sign as it left the neighborhood and he made a U-turn to try and catch up with the vehicle.

The officer got the license plate number of the SUV and tried to stop the vehicle.

When the driver refused to stop, the officer called in on the radio that he had a vehicle failing to stop and continued to follow the SUV.

The driver of the SUV suddenly stopped and the officer heard gunshots and saw "what he described as sparks from bullets hitting the asphalt in front of him."

The officer pulled over and took cover at the rear of the patrol car.

The officer was unable to identify the suspect or return fire before the SUV fled from the area.

Police said 37 bullet casings were recovered from the scene during the investigation. Approximately 19 bullet strikes were located on the officer's patrol vehicle, according to the documents. Several strikes were found in the driver's seat where the officer had been sitting.

Just after 4 a.m. the woman flagged down a citizen near 43rd Avenue and Encanto Boulevard and was taken to the hospital to be treated for contusions to her head and eye.

She told police that prior to Padilla firing shots at the officer, he told her that the officer was trying to pull them over and he would have to kill himself and the woman.

She confirmed to police that Padilla was the one who kidnapped her and shot at the officer.

According to the report, Padilla spent over a month moving from place to place to avoid capture.

The vehicle was located unoccupied in the area of 48th Avenue and McDowell Road and an SKS rifle was located wrapped in a shirt in the bed of an unrelated pickup truck.

While police continued their search for Padilla, his associates reportedly told investigators he admitted to shooting at the Phoenix police officer and that "he would shoot it out with police if they approached him.

He was taken into custody on Sunday without incident. Police Sgt. Steve Martos said a weapon was recovered and that Padilla is not talking or cooperating with police.

Padilla and his estranged wife had been separated for several months and he was apparently jealous that she was out with friends and suspected she was having a romantic relationship with other men, according to the documents.

Padilla faces one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of attempted murder and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person. His bond has been set at $1 million.

Padilla is also a suspect in a deadly Phoenix home invasion as well as at least two other crimes, police said at a news conference late Monday morning.

People who have been hiding Padilla for the past 36 days may also face charges, Martos said. Police said he had been staying with friends and acquaintances as well as hotels in the area while on the run.

Police say Padilla is affiliated with a prison-based gang.

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