Dina Shacknai pleading with Coronado police to reopen case after son's death at father's mansion

PHOENIX - Valley mom Dina Shacknai says she will present new evidence Tuesday to show that her son's death in Coronado, Calif. was not accidental.

She's expected to appear before the Coronado City Council at 3 p.m. to ask for their support in getting the case reopened.

Her son, Max Shacknai, died in July 2011 after he fell over a second-floor railing.

Police determined, after their own investigation, that his death was accidental.

Just days later, Rebecca Zahau, his father's girlfriend, was found hanging from a balcony of that home. Police called Zahau's death a suicide.

Shacknai is expected to present a 29-page report. She hired an independent team of experts and they spent about nine months investigating. 

Dr. Robert Rove reported that Max's death appeared to be a homicide.

Shacknai said the diagrams in her expert's report and the city's report differ.

She said the city's version depicts Max being several inches taller than he actually was.

Her expert says the railing was six inches above his standing center of gravity which means he couldn't have fallen accidentally.

"There's a checks and balances system with everything, so this should apply locally as well as the highest levels of government. And this is what I'm asking the city council to do: is provide checks and balances for what has gone on there and provide them any information that they need… all the information that I have," Shacknai said.

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