Diamondbacks fans young and old fill Chase Field

PHOENIX - There was excitement and high energy in downtown Phoenix as the Diamondbacks won their season-opener. 

That excitement reaching beyond the stadium as people flocked to nearby restaurants.

"We couldn't be there at the game so this is the next best thing," said Angie Gonzales who was celebrating her birthday as well.

"Business has been great," said Majerles manager Jim Thames. 

Fans enjoying the energy outside Chase Field before the doors opened for Friday's Diamondbacks season opener found a common bond, even with their rivals.
"My whole family always grew up with baseball, so bringing a family to an opening day is huge," said Jeff Lenhardt, a Giants fan.
"It is about the kids and they grow up so fast," said Diamondbacks fan Kylie Keepes. 
Ninety-two-year-old Richard Halley and his son were outside a little bit longer than everyone else. When they got their tickets in the mail months ago, the game time was printed at 2:10 p.m. instead of 4:10 p.m.
Halley remembers listening to baseball on the radio as a kid and he and his son have been going to games for decades.
"Any ballgame is a good memory," he said. "We stay right up until the last out too. Others may leave sooner but we wait until it is really over."
Fans inside are able to experience the game a little differently this year. The At Bat 12 app allows fans to see instant replays and lets them order food from their seats.
For families, there are several money-saving options to make the experience affordable. Fans can bring in their own food.

There are seats available for future games starting at $8 and several packages and promotions families can take advantage of to save money.

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