Device helps prevent copper theft on air conditioning units

PHOENIX - Both commerical and residential air conditioning units are being targeted for copper theft around the Valley.

David Wells of Reddi Services said consumers can now protect against theft by purchasing a protective cage, called the "Cooper Locker Unit Shield." 

According to Wells, it forms a protective barrier, using a rigid steel cage that surrounds the air conditioning unit.

The Copper Locker is easily installed, and Wells said it will not affect the performance, or prevent a consumer from fixing or adjusting the unit.

"They can actually still get into the unit if they wanted to," he said. 

But, it will keep out the bad guys.

"They wouldn't be able to get the key componenets out, because the device won't allow for the removal of all the panels," Wells said. 

The cost for the Copper Locker and installation ranges from $465 to $565, not including tax.  Wells said it depends on the size and location of the A/C unit.  He says the Copper Locker is made in Arizona by Arizonans. 


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