Desert Sage Elementary school teacher Bobbi Jo Grunert accused of selling marijuana

PHOENIX - Police say a Glendale elementary school teacher and her husband are behind bars for participating in a conspiracy to sell marijuana.

According to a police report, in June of 2012, police received a complaint of marijuana being grown and sold from a landscaping business called "JPC" located near 7th Avenue and Deer Valley Road in Phoenix.

Police said the business is owned by Bobbi Jo Grunert and her husband James Grunert.

Police said JPC advertised "top shelf exotic" meds for medical marijuana patients on the website The website mentioned there was no membership fee and they only accepted donations.

On several occasions undercover detectives went to the business and were able to buy drugs.

Authorities believe the Grunerts and Heather Kallipolitis, who worked at their store, worked together to sell marijuana and narcotic drugs.

They believe the Grunerts were using Bobbi Jo's status as a medical marijuana caregiver to sell drugs to people who were not her patients. The Arizona Medical Marijuana act does not protect this activity.

The report states the Grunerts were arrested September 13. Bobbi Jo Grunert works for the Deer Valley School District at Desert Sage Elementary School. She has been there for two decades.

Police said she did not deal drugs at the school



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