Democrats making SB 1070 plans for Supreme Court ruling

PHOENIX - "SB 1070 has to be repealed," said state Senator Steve Gallardo.

That's the bottom line, according to Gallardo. While the Supreme Court decides on the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration law , those against the law stay they'll keep fighting.

"My family has been torn apart for 23 hours," said protestor Bob McMullen.

McMullen was part of a group of nine families and friends that were waiting outside of initial appearance court, where nine protesters who were arrested during Wednesday's 1070 demonstration faced a judge.

"ICE has deported more than 40,000 parents with children who are citizens," said McMullen. "I've been dying because my family has been pulled apart for 23 hours. I can't imagine what people of color in this state are going through."

He says the fight will go on while they are working on grassroots support.

Gallardo said if the Supreme Court doesn't rule in the opposition's favor, he'll ask the voters to repeal 1070 in the form of a proposition.

"I think Brewer and the Republicans have not felt the pinch of the Latino vote. I believe a ballot initiative that would change public police is something we should consider," said Gallardo.

Gallardo also says he's working in Congress to pass legislation that would prevent states from creating their own immigration laws in case the Supreme Court rules in favor of 1070.

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