Jodi Arias trial: Day 7 focuses on cell phone usage

PHOENIX - On day seven of the Jodi Arias murder trial, prosecutor Juan Martinez continued to pull apart Arias' web of lies.

The state started Tuesday's proceedings with testimony from Verizon Wireless employee, Joey Citizen.

Citizen testified about calls made to Travis Alexander's phone on the day he was killed.

Martinez focused on two of four calls Arias made to Alexander's phone, with the knowledge that he was already dead.

At 11:37 p.m. Arias called Alexander, and left a voice message telling him she got lost on her road trip to Utah and drove 100 miles in the wrong direction and would tell him about that later.

Arias then invites Alexander out for a show, again knowing he is dead.

"When we were talking about your upcoming travels my way, I was looking at the May calendar...duh? So I'm all confused. But Heather and I are going to see Othello on July 1st, and we would love for you to accompany us."

At 11:53 p.m. Arias calls again, this time the call lasted 16 minutes.

Citizen testified the maximum message that can be left on a Verizon phone is three to five minutes.

Citizen then testified the 16-minute call was someone accessing Alexander's voice mail.

Mesa police Detective Larry Gladysh told jurors that police were able to trace the cell signal to a tower north of Kingman.

"The caller would have been about 27 miles south of the Nevada border," he said.

Jurors spent the afternoon watching a videotaped police interview with Arias spanning over two days.

In the taped interview, Mesa police Detective Estaban Flores hammers away at Arias for a confession.

On day one, Arias refuses to break, even after Flores drops the news that police recovered nude photos from Alexander's camera, and time stamped with the date he was killed.

"That's you, that's all of you," said Flores as he shows Arias the photo of her lying nude on Alexander's bed.

"That looks like me," hesitates Arias.

"That is you," presses Flores.

But Arias keeps denying being anywhere near Alexander's home when he was killed and told Flores, "If Travis were here today, he would tell you it wasn't me."

She also told Flores, "If I did that, I'd be fully ready to face the consequences. Uhm..I'm not really for things like--you know...I'm all for the 10 commandments, thou shalt not kill."

"My job is to speak for Travis, and everything Travis is telling me is that Jodi did this," said Flores.

Flores told Arias they have a bloody palm print and the DNA shows it's a mixture of her and Alexander's blood.

"This is some of the best evidence I've had on a case. I've gotten convictions on less," he said.

"So I'm as good as done?" said Arias.

It's on the second day of the videotaped police interview that Arias cried and told a story of two people bursting into Alexander's home with a gun and a knife.

"Travis...he was uh...uhm ...he was still like conscious and still alive and uhm..." cried Arias.

Flores interrupted, "And you just left him there?"

"No I ran into the closet, because there's two doors and they were sort of in the hallway already...and he stopped me and he didn't touch me, he just held the gun to my head," said Arias.

Arias told police one of the attackers was a man and the other a woman.

She claimed she didn't report it out of fear.

Arias now says she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her.

The trial continues Wednesday and will be streamed live on

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