D-backs reward upstanding young fan

PHOENIX - Ian McMillan, a 12-year-old boy from Scottsdale, has quickly become the feel-good story of the summer, and is on a whirlwind ride.

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson congratulated him today, awarding McMillan his own jersey for a first class gesture of kindness.

"It's really cool. People were asking me to come over and they said that was a really cool thing to do and everything," McMillan said.

This fast rise to fame came about when, during Wednesday night's game, an usher gave McMillan a foul ball.

After heading up the stairs celebrating, the same usher pointed out that another, younger fan was upset that he didn't get the ball.

Without hesitation, Ian ran back down the stairs and gave that boy the ball.

"I just felt really bad for the kid because I think it might have been intended for him, but I just didn't see him, so I just thought it was the right thing to do to give it back," he said.

It's a stark contrast of the activity we've seen from grown-ups at other ballgames.

One fan wrestled a ball right of a lady's hands recently and kept it.

"That's just not right," McMillan said about that incident.

McMillan told me he's gotten a lot of attention for what he sees as a little gesture.

He was surprised a lot of people were watching.

"Once they first saw me on television, I have gotten about 70 text messages... in the first 30 minutes," he said.

One man who was watching was his dad, who is extremely proud.

"Both the boys, Ian and Greg, are good kids and we were pretty proud when we saw what he did," John McMillan said.

Ian was featured as the Person Of The Week on ABC's World News, and also got to throw out the first pitch at Friday night's game.

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