Court records: Phoenix carjacking suspect Craig Uran had long criminal rap sheet

PHOENIX - Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says more steps need to be taken to keep you safe against career criminals.

He spoke out about re-examining some plea policies after Phoenix police shot and killed a carjacking suspect in the middle of downtown Phoenix Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the suspect endangered the lives of several bystanders.

Court records reveal 26-year-old Craig Uran had a troubled past.

He had been charged for several felonies and spent some time in prison.

In 2005 he pleaded guilty to stealing a car.

At sentencing, the adult probation report said, "It appears the defendant's behavior has been out of control for some time."

That same year, Uran was charged in a drive-by shooting.

In 2008 police say he threatened a man with a gun.

Montogomery said Uran posted $1,800 bail five months ago for a felony weapon charge.

"So he was out on bail, with a violent criminal past and facing a likely prison term," Montgomery said.

Montgomery said his office will start reviewing plea policies of career criminals with a violent past.

He said once criminals like that get out of prison, sometimes they commit more crimes and will do whatever it takes to stay out of prison.

"We've seen in recent times they're not going to go easy. And we want to minimize the risk to law enforcement and others," Montgomery said.

Montgomery pointed out another deadly shooting recently where the suspect was let out of prison early: the death of Phoenix Police Detective John Hobbs.

His killer got out of jail just two months before Hobbs was shot to death.

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