Court documents link Phoenix, Paradise Valley murders

PHOENIX - Court documents obtained by ABC15 on Wednesday confirm a link between the murders of a Paradise Valley couple and a man in central Phoenix late last month.

"The link is just these individuals," County Attorney, Bill Montgomery said. "There is no association between Mr. Gaudet and the Shapiros."

Brittnay Beinhauer and Kelly Ann Steward were arrested Tuesday along with three other people , according to Paradise Valley police.

Beinhauer is also accused of stealing cigars, jewelry and paperwork valued between $2,000 and $3,000 from Bruce Gaudet who was found dead in his burning central Phoenix condominium on Jan. 26.

Sources tell ABC15 the fire at Gaudet's home was fueled by propane tanks.

Steward is accused of trying to sell jewelry stolen from Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro, the Paradise Valley couple found murdered in their burning home on January 31.

"It does show a connection between the Phoenix investigation and the Paradise Valley investigation," Montgomery said.

Like the Shapiros, Gaudet's car was stolen from the crime scene. The Shapiros' car was found burning behind a north Phoenix strip mall.

A woman in Yuma was arrested after leading police on a chase in Gaudet's stolen car. Montgomery would not confirm or discuss the woman's identity or potential role in the investigation.

Those close to the investigation tell ABC15 more arrests are expected and charges against those in custody could be increased.

Michael Lee Crane is the only person of the five arrested charged with murder. The 31-year old faces two counts of murder in the deaths of the Shapiros who were bound, shot and set on fire.

Detectives are trying to figure out who, if anyone, drove Crane to the Shapiro home and if anyone was with him at the time of the killings because they could face murder charges as well.

Phoenix police would not comment on any aspect of the case today. Paradise Valley did not have anything further on their investigation Wednesday.

Many of the police reports and other information about the case remains sealed.

"Information was sealed in order to preserve the integrity of following up on leads, and not having information released that would confirm or deny the involvement of other suspects," Montgomery said.

Also arrested Tuesday were Shawn Nicloy and Danielle Rossman who were also taken into custody on various charges.

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