Robert Jones execution ordered for October 23

PHOENIX - A second execution was ordered Wednesday by the Arizona Supreme Court for a man involved in a group that committed armed robberies almost 20 years ago.

Robert Jones, 54, is scheduled to be executed Oct. 23 for murders committed in 1996, said the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Jones was convicted of going into a smoke shop in Tucson with accomplice Scott Nordstrom, shooting a customer in the head and injuring an employee during a robbery, the Department of Corrections said.

A couple months later, Jones and Nordstrom robbed the Firefighters Union Hall and Jones shot three customers in the head.

The lookout, David Nordstom, contacted police, which led to Jones' and Nordstrom's arrests.

Nordstrom was sentenced to death for the crimes as well, according to the Department of Corrections.

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