Confusion, fear remain after SB 1070 ruling

PHOENIX - In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on SB 1070, there is a lot of confusion in Latino communities.

From house to house, Latino residents told ABC15 one of their biggest fears is being stopped by the police in public for no reason other than the color of their skin. They're concerned they could wind up in jail if they get caught without their proof of citizenship papers.

The Supreme Court ruled that no one can be arrested or detained for not having their immigration papers. Because many are still not clear on that and other parts of the court's decision, volunteer groups are going throughout Latino neighborhoods and informing everyone.

The group known as "Team Awesome" sent volunteers to hundreds of homes Monday. Their main goal now is to ease fears and explain what the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law means.

Aside from arrests, many Latino families wanted to know how the ruling is going to affect their children, their children's education, and their hopes of going to college.

"There is a lot of fear out there that I think is affecting our communities," volunteer Adriana Garcia said. "When SB 1070 passed the first time, I know a lot of people left, and a lot of homes were abandoned. If you don't think that's hurting Arizona, I think you're wrong."

Team Awesome also helped residents register to vote as they informed them on SB 1070. In the coming days and weeks, the volunteer group as well as other pro-immigration organizations will be doing more work to inform and register Latino neighborhoods.

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