Community shows support for Phoenix police

PHOENIX - Phoenix police officers traded in their badges for aprons and spatulas on Thursday to raise money for their fellow officers.

Thousands of people lined up at the fundraiser held in downtown Phoenix after Det. John Hobbs was killed Monday while trying to take a suspect into custody.

His partner, Det. Albert Casados, survived but suffered serious injuries.

People stopped by the event at 11th Avenue and Adams Street to drop off money, checks and to sign posters in support of the men and women who police their community.

They also grabbed some lunch, grilled up by police officers.

They say they’ve been overwhelmed by the response.

“I've had perfect strangers come up to me and say, 'Hey I'm sorry about your brother,’” Timothy  Beiardi with the Phoenix Police Department said.

Commander Tim Hampton knows his team like the back of his hand; one of his favorites was John Hobbs.

“You just love this guy, that will be the hardest thing,” Hampton said.

Hampton had known Hobbs for about 10 years.

“It didn't matter if you needed back up in a call, if you needed a sniper in one of those situations, or if you needed someone to mow your yard,” Hampton said.

The endless line that wrapped around the fundraiser is evidence that Hobbs’ life has touched so many more.

It’s been a tough week for Phoenix police. Each officer we talked with today couldn’t express just how important the community support is.

Chief Daniel Garcia said it’s crucial for the healing process.


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