Circle K serial beer run suspects Keara Quijada and Jeffrey Webb arrested in Phoenix

PHOENIX - Two serial beer run suspects were arrested after an ongoing investigation with Phoenix Police and Circle K Corporate Loss Prevention.

Officers were able to connect the suspects to the crimes at Circle K stores in south Phoenix through video and photo evidence that helped identify them and their vehicle, a white Crown Victoria.

The officers connected the suspects to over 40 beer runs during which they would steal between four and six 30-packs of beer each time.

According to police, 30-year-old Keara Quijada and 43-year-old Jeffrey Webb were arrested Wednesday after again stealing beer from a Circle K location at 2708 W. Buckeye Rd.

They were observed with five 30-packs of beer that officers verified were not paid for before they exited the store, according to police.

The officers followed them towards their home near 16th Street and Roeser Road, where police later discovered they were also selling the beer.

After leaving the home, police conducted a traffic stop and took the suspects into custody.

A search warrant was served on the home where police found 26 cases of beer.

Quijada and Webb are facing charges of organized retail crime and several other related felonies.

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