Child Protective Services under fire after Phoenix boy dies

PHOENIX - Child Protective Services is under fire after a 6-year-old Phoenix boy died as a result of the alleged abuse from his parents.

Six-year-old Jacob Gibson was rushed to a hospital last week with brain injuries, and police announced Monday that he died over the weekend.

Police arrested his parents, Jennifer Paul and Benny Gibson, and charged them both with child abuse.

ABC15 learned last week that Child Protective Services has five open cases on the family after accusations of severe punishments and injuries including bruises and black eyes.

But CPS did not take Jacob out of the home and instead offered them community service.

"It's a perfect storm," said Dana Naimark who works for Children's Action Alliance.

She said the true problems start at the State Capitol between tightened laws that make it nearly impossible to take a child from the home to budget cuts that chip away at state programs.

"Those add up and with CPS, they are so understaffed," Naimark said.

She said CPS workers in Arizona have double the workload that is suggested, 40 compared to 16 on average, not to mention a 25 percent turnover rate which is much higher than most other professions.

"It's heartbreaking," said Valley attorney Vladimir Gagic who blogs about local issues.

He said it's time someone investigates CPS before any more children die.

"I'm not saying it's time for a Grand Jury but I do think the police should take a look at it now," he said.

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