Chihuahuas running loose in Maryvale, according to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control

PHOENIX - They may be small, but they’re wreaking havoc in Maryvale.

Chihuahuas are on the loose in this part of Phoenix and that's worrying residents.

Animal control tells us the big issue here is overpopulation. Officials say it's going to take the help of neighbors to curb it.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control says if you compare the Maryvale area with a similar sized area in Glendale the number of calls they're getting about stray Chihuahuas is twice as high.

Officials say that number is three times as high compared to Chandler and Gilbert.

“If at all possible, if you see a stray, if you can safely contain him in your yard and then call us, that makes a big difference. Because what's happening is people are calling saying, 'hey I see a stray' by the time we get there, it's long gone,” said Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

Animal control officials say they’re too busy to patrol the area, since they’re responding to dozens of calls at a time.

If you're interested in adopting a Chihuahua, they won't be hard to find. 

Officials say they‘re one of the most common breeds at the shelter.

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